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Nurture Your Plant

Flourish is a turn-based strategy game where players take on the role of a plant desperately trying to survive on an exhausted and depleted Terra. In an environment scarce on resources but filled with competition, fight against all odds to survive and thrive.

Gather Resources

Biomass, water, and sunlight must be balanced to survive.
Resources are consumed to grow and to sustain your plant's size.

Collect sunlight from the sky by spreading your branches. Only the green, leafy portions of a plant will collect sun. Grow to cover the opponent plant and starve them out of sunlight.


Collect water and biomass by growing roots adjacent to them underground. Resource collection occurs at the beginning of each round. Water is renewable, but biomass will slowly deplete over time. Be careful - if you grow your roots directly into a biomass or water tile, the resource will be destroyed!

Water Biomass

Outsmart Your Opponents

The larger a plant is, the more sunlight it needs to stay alive. In addition, it takes more water to support more branches and more biomass to support more roots. If a plant doesn't have enough water or biomass, its branches will begin to decay. If it lacks sunlight, its roots will decay. A plant dies when it decays away entirely. Use this to your advantage by starving your opponents of resources until they die - but be careful, less you decay away yourself.

Reclaim the Planet

Weather the elements and expand your plant. Explore new locations and repopulate the planet. Win by becoming the last plant standing.

System Requirements




CPU: Yes CPU: Yes
Memory: Some Memory: Some
Graphics: Colors would be nice Graphics: Colors would be nice
Sound: You can hum along if you want Sound: You can hum along if you want
Display: 720p Widescreen Display: 720p Widescreen
OS: Preferably the Start button no longer reads “Start” OS: Preferably the Apple logo no longer has a rainbow on it


CPU: 24 core Intel Xeon E7 CPU: 18 core Intel Xeon W
Memory: All Memory: All
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan X Graphics: Radeon Pro Vega 64X
Sound: Surround Sound 7.1 Sound: Surround Sound 7.1
Display: 8K 32:9 ultrawide monitor Display: 8K 32:9 ultrawide monitor
OS: Windows Server 2019 Enterprise OS: macOS Mojave + macOS Server


If you can figure out how to install Linux, you can figure out how to run a jar.


Flourish was developed by students in the Game Design Initiative at Cornell University.

Demi Chang Head Chef (Design Lead) Aidan Cuite Mega Music Man (Composer) Aashna Saxena Plant Master (Programmer) Samuel Sorenson AI Hackerman (Programmer) Michael Xing Repository Despot (Software Lead) Jeffrey Donut Man (Programmer) Wendy Project Overlord (Project Lead)